adidas ZX 800

  • MADE ON: --/08
  • ART.NO: 912415

Probably one of the better known models from the ZX family, the ZX 800 came back in 2008 with a brave and interesting colorway to hit the spring season off right.

By now it’s obvious to the world that adidas can definitely do up some nice runners when need be, and it should also be apparent to our audience out there that Chris “SoleconneXion” Leal (one of eatmoreshoes’ many contributors) absolutely loves his ZX 800′s, seemingly second to his Boston Super’s. While the silhouette never ceases to provide full comfort, great mobility, and relativity affordable prices, I must admit that I’m not always 100% convinced by the colorways and designs released.

However these ‘olive’, ‘dark chili’, and ‘leaf’ drops from late 2008 really had me showing my ‘O’ face as I lifted them out of their royal blue box. Maybe it’s the soft nubuck covering the toebox and running up the eyestays, or the sweet way that red and white look so damn tasty against a murky mixture of greens, though it’s most likely the fact they remind me so much of the Consortium Vine release from the Flavours of the World collection. Whatever it is, I commend Chris on a seriously fine pick-up.

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol

shoes contributed by Chris SoleconneXion Leal