96 Hours x PUMA BS Clyde

  • DESIGNED BY: Neil Barrett
  • MADE ON: --/06
  • ART.NO: 34452204

Before you even get a chance to look at the shoes themselves, the jet black box and its silver lettering give you a sense that these aren’t just any old Clydes. The historic silhouette got the couture treatment when PUMA teamed up with British menswear designer Neil Barrett to create the 96 Hours x PUMA BS Clyde. The 96 Hours collection was designed in order to bridge the gap between office wear and comfortable sportswear

Also available in a variety of colourways – such as blue and white, tan and brown, and even a horsehair pair from 2007, to name a few – these Clydes have a very luxurious look and feel to them compared to your average pair. Everything from the Italian luggage leather that makes up the body to the silver ‘Walt “Clyde” Frazier’ on the side screams luxury, something that’s expected from a collaboration with a designer who previous worked for Prada and Gucci.

The link between the lavish office wear and sportswear can be seen in the contrast of materials used. The upper body is made from sleek leather and a rubber gum sole completes the shoe. The 96 Hours Clyde had a much wider appeal than previous Clydes; Barrett’s direction was to take the PUMA Clyde from the basketball court and make it more acceptable in the workplace.

Producing a Clyde aimed at young business people made from quality Italian materials obvious means these Clydes are more expensive than others. However with its Italian manufacture usually associated with high-end formal shoes, these Clydes were definitely built to last.

written by Sam Arojo

photography by errol

shoes contributed by Ollie Teeba

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