PUMA Blue Star


Most collector’s may not even know the Blue Star – or it’s almost identical Red Star sibling – but those who do know it probably recognize its dark blue demeanor as the only version. This, however, is simply not the truth, and what we’ve got right here is the proof of such a statement: the quite rare baby blue PUMA Blue Star.

Little information is known about this exact pair, such as date of birth, article number, or place of production, though the white foam tongue suggests it may have been made in Italy, as many of the tongues crafted in such a style have this location pressed into their side. Other differences between this and the more common dark blue version include the length of the tongue, thickness of the outsole – although they are nearly identical gum soles – and bright blue stitching against the eyestays in this version.

While not a lot is certain about this pair, one thing is for sure: if you happen to come across them – in any size, not just your own – you’d do good to snag ‘em up quick as they are far from a dime a dozen, or a pound a pair.

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol

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