adidas BC MMXII

  • MADE ON: --/12
  • ART.NO: G63731

Traditionally, the adidas Consortium series has always been about collaborations – whether that be with stockists, designers, or other brand names – so it’s a curious choice (and certainly no mistake) that adidas Originals has assumed the role of dreaming up the tenth (and final) pair from their Your Story pack. It’s important to quickly jump back in time to the Fall and Winter 2011 release of the Tabula Rasa pack which included five all-white silhouettes. The idea was for adidas to set the stage by providing a blank canvas for their Your Story releases, all ten of which were meant to be inspired by, and in celebration of, the Olympics.

With this being their 20th year participating in the Olympic games, adidas thought it made sense to design the BC themselves, bringing up their own memories of what the past has held for them. Thus the BC MMXII was born, displaying a super clean, down-played shoe, colored unique by the changing insoles which show off their releases from various Olympic games over the previous years. The shoes shown inside are ‘key performance silhouettes’ from past games.

Developed from the Olympia model adidas kept things as simple as possible when bringing the BC to life. While the leather upper, nubuck side stripes, and heel themselves are nothing so new or special, the tongue is quite unique, baring leather on the sides and a foam center covered in nylon that reads ’20′ on the inside (respective to the 20th Olympic games that the three stripes have officially been involved in) and is completed with the new Consortium staple tag. An interesting point about these new rivets is that adidas has cleverly distributed the five Olympic colors evenly across all ten shoes from the Your Story pack, with each color being represented on two shoes. Look closely and you’ll see that this feature was implemented with extreme care. The lace tips are also quite interesting, decorated with the five Olympic colors and again the number ’20′.

adidas never fails to make a statement and what they say with this simple, clean shoe is loud and clear to us: they care about the basics, in the past, present, and future, and they’re determined to carry on the three stripes tradition of being synonymous with quality, clarity, and courage.

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol

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