Shaniqwa Jarvis x adidas ZX 500

  • DESIGNED BY: Shaniqwa Jarvis
  • MADE ON: --/11
  • ART.NO: G61748

If Quote’s tribute to the OG ZX 500 wasn’t enough to satisfy your thirst for Olympic-inspired Consortium series runners in 2012 then the lush blue suede remake from talented portrait photographer Shaniqwa Jarvis should help to quench your desires. Premium suede, dark brown leather accents, and some of the most creative lace detailing we seen this year, all combined into a clean, clear, and comfortable exposure that’s proof Shaniqwa brings some serious heat into the summer with her own adidas ZX 500.

Jumpin’ between continents can definitely keep a freelancer busy but we’re happy to have her donate a bit of time to sit down with us here at eatmoreshoes and tell us about herself.

So Shaniqwa, who are you? What’s your background?

I’m a photographer born and bred in NYC. I studied at Parsons School of Design where I fell in love with photographers Guy Bordin, Bruce Davidson, and William Eggleston. All of which have had a great impact on me. I base myself between London, LA, and New York.

How’d you originally get into photography?

I was a intern for Paper Magazine and was assigned to work on the fashion shoots. Being on set encouraged me to follow my high school aspiration of wanting to be a photographer. I was encouraged by the owners of the magazine to take a class and get it going. I worked in-house for magazines for years as a photo editor until I had enough. I think my office experiences and moving from NY to LA and then landing in London gave me the push and confidence I needed to become a full time photographer.

And are you yourself an avid sneaker head?

As a kid, I was obsessed and now, not so much. I do have a pretty sick collection of kicks from ten years ago in storage.

Nice! We’d love to see that collection come back out one day, especially if there’s some adidas up in it! We understand this is your first time working with the trefoil… how’d this colab on the Your Story pack come to be?

After the opening of my London exhibition ‘This Charming Man’, the guys over at adidas reached out to see if I’d like to take part in their “Your Story” collaboration. I thought it was a pretty cool idea. Having grown up on sneakers and then to actually make one seemed insane and surreal.

That’s completely understandable, it’s like every little sneaker head kid’s dream! So why’d you pick the ZX 500?

It was a style I really liked and thought if I made one it would encourage me to run more since I detest running.

[both laugh]

Fair enough! How’d you pick these materials and colorway?

My story is based off of my memories of my time as a swimmer. I swam for ten years on a club team; the Westside Marlins and my high school team. I chose to use the actual pool as a reference, as it was a place I spent the most time. Thus the aqua pool blue and neoprene tongue, the brown suede is for the walls, and we dipped died the laces to represent the lane dividers.

The detailing came out so nice against the simple, yet striking colorway. It’s definitely a memorable shoe you’ve designed. What can you tell us about your own memories from those pool-side days?

When I think back to that time, I look back at it with fondness. I hung out with some amazing kids while we worked our asses off. It was great being dedicated to sports and achieving goals. I think it was a great foundation for me, learning to deal with time management, acquiring focus, and being a team player whilst creating individual success. It’s all nerd shit really.

That’s a great learning experience you’ve had. Speaking of goals, what was your ultimate hope in designing this shoe; what did you want it to mean to people?

I just wanted to make a shoe that my mom and I would be proud to wear.

That’s super sweet Shaniqwa! So how do you feel about the outcome of the project?

I think the shoe came out great and I’m happy people like it.

They certainly do Shaniqwa, we’ve heard nothing but praise over here at eatmoreshoes. If anyone out there wants to pick up a pair just head on over to a store that carries the adidas Consortium series (such as Foot Patrol or No6 in London, Wood Wood or No74 in Berlin) by the 19th of June, and more importantly if anyone is in need of a killer head shot then hit up Shaniqwa on her porfolio site.

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol

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