Ransom x adidas Dune

  • DESIGNED BY: Ransom
  • MADE ON: --/09
  • ART.NO: G12929

In their first year collaborating together with adidas Originals, contemporary men’s fashion brand, Ransom, shows off what they can do with leisure footwear. The Canadian label has worked closely with the three stripes since 2010 to create a series of brand new silhouettes, one of which is the adidas Dune pictured here.

Modeled after a traditional hiking boot, the Dune is made unique by its mix of rugged outdoor appearance and finished, luxury treatment. Their comprised of a “slate” blue checked nylon and feature a “sandstone” cream leather lining and heel detailing. In the interest of sleek design, branding is kept to a minimum, helping to maintain a competitively classy look and feel that Ransom is known for worldwide.

The silhouette itself is made of very simple lines, and its shape is one you’ll either vibe with or be immediately repelled by. The matching laces can be switched for either a darker flat leather pair, or a set of round creams (to mirror the Campus 80s style herringbone outsole) that give the shoe a more wilderness sensibility.

A hidden signature from Ransom climbs up the inner tag, reading ‘go forth onto the never ending path’, inspiring determination, pride, and a sense of adventure in those that choose to breath life into the slogan. Beyond the style and details the stiff heels provide great support though it’s easily argued that this shoe shouldn’t be worn for any type of actual mountaineering; it’s a show shoe, and that’s for sure.

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol

shoes contributed by Robert Härtel