PUMA Raider Hi

  • MADE ON: 06/91
  • ART.NO: 6330/4

Produced just before the black on white PUMA Raider, this brightly colored neon green and pink release also dropped in ’91 to basketball trainer wearers around the world. When compared to its black and white brother, this pair certainly screams for attention – which can be good or bad depending on the type of style you’re after – and its tongue texture is far more substantial when it comes to longevity and health. Other than you’ve the same sweet detailing, same great build, and same simple, sturdy outsole.

Differing from the other pair these certainly are in mint condition, proving that if stored correctly PUMA’s Raider silhouette can stand the test of time (we all know too well that some kicks can’t, regardless of their care or lack of wear). No tongue paint flaking, no glue revivals on the ankle collar, and certainly no cracks or breaks in the hard rubber sole. The only sign of age (besides the ridiculous colorway and crazy old school styling of the upper) is the incredibly light yellowing of glue between the midsole and the upper, and even this is only detectable when one is actually holding the shoe to one’s face.

How to summarize the Raider, other than that it’s a bold, experimental, yet simple silhouette that’s stylish, sturdy, and certainly a success… not just back when it was released in ’91 but even nowadays despite the fact that many trainer heads may have never even heard of it or seen a pair.

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol

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