PUMA Clyde Brogue Oki Ni

  • DESIGNED BY: Loakes
  • MADE ON: --/07

Now these are something of an oddity, a novelty item perhaps. I personally have never found the occasion to wear these but I love having them in my collection. They’re the Loakes’ Clyde from the Oki-Ni “Bespoke” collection that dropped in 2007. For those unfamiliar with Loakes, they’re the company who, for the last 130 years, have been manufacturing their hand-made brogues for proper gents.

An interesting look for the Clyde, indeed. They’re mostly the same cut and shape as a regular Clyde except certain things have been replaced with signature brogue features, such as a brogue cap on the toe, and the padding has been stripped away around the ankle and is much more like the fit of a pair of Loakes’ brogues. They’ve also used a slightly different mold for the outsole, which results in a less slab-like look and gives them more the appearance of a shoe than a sneaker.

So, if you’re invited to a wedding or other event where you’ve been forced into a suit, you can steathily rock your Clydes without anyone chastising you for wearing sneakers to a black-tie function. Within the heavyweight, reinforced box are the shoes in a bag with Oki-Ni tags attached marking them as part of the Bespoke line and a lovely hardback book illustrating the entire collection in high quality photographs. A nice little package indeed.

written by Ollie Teeba

photography by errol

shoes contributed by Ollie Teeba

  • benjiblunt

    Craftsmanship on these!