adidas Superstar Vin

  • MADE ON: --/10
  • ART.NO: G13250

I’m sure a lot of consumers wonder what it is about vintage shoes and clothing that get collectors and connoisseurs going. The materials? Special colorways? Rarity and hype among those who actually recognize that your kicks are from the 90s, or 80s, or 70s? Whatever the reason, it’s obvious that major brands, such as adidas, pay attention to the expressed interests of their buyers, stepping up to release retro versions of long lost (but not forgotten) classics.

Say hello to the adidas Superstar Vin. No doubt a definitive mark in the history of basketball shoes, the Superstar is a silhouette that has influenced culture in many creative and athletic fields, beyond just the court and its hoops. Having experienced a growing success since its original release in 1969, its no surprise that many upgrades and alternate versions have been produced, such as the Superstar 1 and 2.

The idea behind the adidas Superstar Vin is simple: pay respect to the OG version and never let its memory die, without having to source and rock a pair from a prehistoric era. Typically, the Vin is known for its shell toe patterning, featuring a subtler, natural texture then the ‘x’ mosaics of the more modern versions. The OG herringbone outsole, all one piece, stitched to toebox, and both often off-white in color, is another staple of the original. Further characteristics are the lower cut ankle collar, much slimmer heel tab, and the absence of branding on both the tongue and the heel. Eight eyelets instead of seven or six as the Superstar 1 and 2 are equipped with (respectively). And of course, we can’t forget the boxed adidas branding, gold-stamped into the outer side walls right on top of the stitching that holds the heel piece to the front upper.

While these details may seem subtle or even unnoticeable to some, it goes without question that it’s these exact features which truly define the original Superstar. And without fail, this 2010 pair comes exactly as one would expect; label-less tongue and side wall gold-stamped, completed with an extra pair of red laces if that’s your flavor.

Certainly the Superstar isn’t a shoe for everyone, but if you dig the shelltoe then you gotta pay your respects the OG version, even if it is through the purchase of a retro.

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol

shoes contributed by Fritze