KzK x adidas Vulcanized Fur Boot

  • DESIGNED BY: Kazuki Kuraishi
  • MADE ON: --/09
  • ART.NO: G04266

Kazuki Kuraishi (KzK) is deftly known for his bold design choices and precision execution, and although he’s certainly an experimental creator he tends to release apparel and footwear that embodies a particular level of class and pride. We can certainly claim that he doesn’t play it safe, however it’s also fair to say he keeps himself a bit more restrained then the wild likes of Jeremy Scott.

And that’s exactly why this Vulcanized Fur Boot surprises us; it’s a bit out of KzK’s typical palette. Despite the jump to something more flashy than he’s known to drop, KzK still brings his traditional attention to detail. Both the tongue and heel tabs are present as we’re used to, bearing miniature text branding the shoe as a collaboration between him and adidas for the Originals by Originals (ObyO) collection. Beyond the mass of leopard print that makes up the bulk of the upper, KzK opted for a white leather toe box that visually runs down into the partially white midsole.

Released in limited numbers and sold for a high price tag that’s more akin to the ObyO series in general, the shoe is definitely both hard to come by and also a huge hit or miss depending on your tastes (and disposable income). Most higher end stockists – such as No74 in Berlin for example – carried it at the time of it’s release in 2009.

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol

shoes contributed by Ross Macwaters

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