adidas Decade Hi

  • MADE ON: 10/11
  • ART.NO: G62707

Quite often adidas is simply the king of clean design, and these Fall 2012 Decade Hi’s are certainly proof of that opinion. Straight forward, no whistles, no bells, just decent full grain leather with an easy dual hue colorway to keep a classic feel on your feet through the Fall.

We’re lovin’ these for their timing too, as the “craft” orange is a perfect color to wear when the seasons change from Summer to Autumn. And with the heat dropping rapidly (via rain storms and windy evenings) and the scarves slowly coming out it’s definitely high top o’clock again (at least out here in Berlin).

Combine this refreshing redesign with the typical characteristics of a Decade Hi – over-sized oval tongue, x-shaped side wall reinforcement layer, and the black waffle cup grip on the sturdy outsole – and you’ve got a recipe for happy trefoil fanatics.

Size? spells these out for a July 2012 release so if you’re game for a pair it’s probably time already to keep your eyes peeled and your credit card in hand. Definitely not one we’ll be missing out on and wishing we had come next Summer, that’s for sure.

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol