adidas Gazelle 2

  • MADE ON: --/92
  • ART.NO: 034578

The adidas Gazelle 2 is one of the most instantly recognisable silhouettes in the sneaker world fraternity, and most of us will have probably owned a pair over the years, due to its classic nature and ability to be worn with almost anything.

Being a slightly chunkier version of its 70s predecessor, the Gazelle 2 has gone through what feels like an infinity of colourway versions throughout its seemingly constant appearance on the adidas roll outs.

Initially marketed as a football training shoe, it was quickly adopted as a fashion accessory, and they were more likely to be found on the football terraces than in a kit bag. A very comfortable shoe despite its minimalist shape and construction, the support is there for the wearer to have a pair on all day without issues, which probably harks back to its roots as a piece of performance footwear.

The 1992 version pictured here in a rather rare and desirable purple suede is complimented with the classic white stripes and maintains a strikingly simple design. Originally made in Germany – and in later years, the Far East – there are some produced in Canada (I owned a pair myself) although the quality was poor, and had a different, thinner sole unit with a somewhat flimsy tongue.

Typically the favoured colourways are the simplest, such as blue, red, green, purple, and pink, all with white stripes and accents. Overall the Gazelle has the ability to look good with jeans or cords without the wearer even trying, especially with the kaleidoscope of colours made available, thus they can be tailored to match almost any outfit. A definitive design classic.

written by Mike Stopforth

photography by errol

shoes contributed by Will Clayton

  • BobbyMac

    Wow what a great colourway! its not often we see these, especially in this top condition….