10 Deep x adidas Stan Smith

  • MADE ON: --/10

Unleashed from the Consortium dog house in 2010, the “Raw Dogs” are another well done brand collaboration. New York native company, 10.DEEP, joined forces with adidas to design this simple, tame, yet thoughtful pair of Stan Smith Mids. Unlike many adidas Consortium releases these guys don’t use bright colors or crazy patterns to make themselves stand out among the masses. They use the simplicity already present in the Stan Smith silhouette combined with a relatively modest but clever design to create an overall aesthetically pleasing shoe.

The name “Raw Dogs” was inspired by their rawhide laces and the contrasting pink and white sockliner that features a hungry mouth loaded with canine teeth. From the outside, it’s the last thing you would expect to see in such a seemingly tamed sneaker that you’re about to stick your toes into. Below and in front of it is a heel pull tab with a 3D checkered print running along it. The tag on the tongue has the adidas trefoil with a 10.DEEP brand name smacked on top of it, and the last eyelet is highlighted in bronze, signifying its right to the Consortium title.

The upper of these Stan Smith Mids is an “iron” and “chrome” gray nubuck with the name “10.DEEP” embossed in a gargantuan font that intertwines the medial side of the left and right shoe. The heel tab holds an “X” with the logos of the contributing brands on the sides, and their names on top and bottom.

These dapper bad boys come with two sets of laces, a pair of black and a pair of rawhide, and are the ones to have if you feel the need to rock some wild shoes while keeping the overwhelming colors chained up inside.

written by Kyle Zemborain

photography by errol