Crooked Tongues x adidas Underground ‘Running Things’

Major players in the sneaker world, Crooked Tongues and Robert Brooks, came together adidas Underground’s event series to show off London’s true OG trainer spirit.

On August 12th, 2012 – just as the London Olympics were nearing their end – Crooked Tongues hosted an invitation-only event in collaboration with adidas Underground for the UK sneaker scene. For those that aren’t familiar with adidas Underground, it’s a series of free, highly limited, invite-only events held in unique locations around London. The main idea behind the program was to show off exciting art, great music, and innovative fashion statements, all combined with fun parties, product giveaway, and, of course, free drinks. For those that weren’t on the honor list, tickets were available to win via adidas Underground’s Facebook page.

This particular event (which ended the two week fiesta of celebrations) was entitled “Running Things” as a celebration of classic running trainers and the ongoing mark that London continues to make on street style and fashion.

Village Underground hosted the event, but besides their renovated turn-of-the-century warehouse, in which the party took place, they also have a collection of Jubilee line train carriages, painted and modified to make up creative studios for a large community of artists. This already lively venue was touched up with a piece of art made specifically for the occasion by UK designer and heavyweight vintage collector, Robert Brooks, and photographer, Chris Turner. Built entirely from white shoe boxes, the sculpture displayed a photo of a giant, recently released, “pool” blue adidas Phantom running shoe, which fit in perfectly under the overall event theme (being a retro of an OG runner).

In addition to this special, creative inclusion, the music of the evening was soundtracked by London’s Livin’ Proof Crew. And to accompany the sounds, the walls were lit with projections of a adidas’ vintage catalogue images as well as recent releases. The music of the evening was soundtracked by London’s Livin’ Proof Crew and some complementary drinks were supplied to keep the night lively.

All in all, with events like these, adidas Originals continues to show their true spirit, not as a corporation, but as a brand that understands cultural movements and their necessity for freedom, by stepping aside and letting Crooked Tongues run the show. We find it refreshing to see that the three stripes know who really should be “Running Things”: sneaker lovers themselves.

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol