adidas Invader Hi

  • ART.NO: 073000

Made in both high and low versions, the adidas Invader is one of those relics of a basketball shoe that you’re nearly too afraid to wear even once you’ve got your hands on a pair.

Labeled as made in CSFR (most likely to stand for the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic) but void of any obvious production date, it’s anyone’s guess what year these were actually dropped.

As for the make of the shoe, the body is built from two types of leather; one smooth and the other a bit rough and textured, with an overall feel quite similar to that of the vintage adidas Phantom Hi. In fact, the abstractly sculpted, foam, black heel collar is nearly identical to that of the Phantom’s design, with the exception that these Invader’s have been given false perforations nearer to the upper eyestays. Half-sliced side stripes – which also draw a ghostly connection between these and the Phantom – are left naked instead of cupped at their bottoms, a bit more daring of a design move in my opinion.

Further details that distinguish the Invader are the grey layers that appear along the side, heel, and along the eyestays. They add a nice touch of depth and certainly provide the shoe with more durability as they lead to a thicker coat of materials. Jagged lines in the midsole add a sporty feel and the minimal branding on the front is made up for by the excessively large adidas logo born across the back, directly below a second foam inclusion.

The shoes are damn comfortable, incredibly stable, and amazingly durable considering they are from the 80s or 90s. Coming across a box fresh pair – like these pictured here – is going to be a serious chore though, and I’d highly recommend shooting for the moon on these if you ever have hopes to scoop some alien action into your daily wardrobe.

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol

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