atmos x adidas Superstar 80s G-SNK V

  • DESIGNED BY: atmos
  • MADE ON: --/12
  • ART.NO: G63669

Round five for atmos and adidas Originals in the Superstar 80s series brings, of course, yet another glow in the dark snakeskin classic.

After many successful products together, Japanese streetwear brand atmos and German giant adidas Originals have released another collaboration for the summer of 2012. Like its predecessors, the adidas Superstar 80s G-SNK V has a snakeskin pattern covering its upper – no surprise there – only this time the scales are based off of a mythical, eight-headed, Japanese serpent known as the Daija. The main detail of this creature’s skin is that it has an unusual arrangement of scales, which are reflected in the sneaker design.

The sole and shell toe are a ‘bone’ cream with matching off-white features on the heel tab and rugged-looking stripes, as well as two layers of depth within the black serpentine upper. The shoe is finished with some tinges of gold that contrast nicely against the otherwise two-tone colorway, which seems rather conservative when first noted; just another pair of black and white Supes.

But what makes these 80s so special besides the fame the silhouette carries on it’s sturdy leather back? Well, they may seem normal under the watch of the sun, but when the lights go out and nothing can be seen, you get a glimpse of what really makes this pair of kicks so crazy. The markings of the Daija’s skin begin to glow in the shadows.

This luminescent pair of sneakers was made alongside three tees, with glow in the dark designs as well, which were a collaboration between atmos and Bounty Hunter, another Japanese brand that produces clothing as well as toys. It’s one thing to make a snakeskin sneaker. It’s another thing to make it from a timeless model. But to make tees with a third brand is going all out. And to do all this and make the whole pack glow in the dark… now they’re just showing off.

written by Kyle Zemborain

photography by errol

shoes contributed by Mr. Spite