PUMA Suede

  • MADE ON: 05/98
  • ART.NO: 339036 91

In the mid 80s PUMA moved all their production from Europe via Taiwan and Korea to the rest of Asia. This resulted in a new shape of Suedes (the so called 90s Suede circa 1990 through 2004). Significant for Suedes of this time was a sleeker midsole and more padding than their West German and Yugoslavian predecessors. Another new interesting detail was the leaping cat over the PUMA logo on the side of the shoes (instead of a leaping one next to the PUMA text as on earlier Suedes).

Another thing which happened during this era was that the variety of colorways completely exploded, and this pair is a perfect example of that production shift. Instead of continuing the 80s staple makeups, only every possible and impossible combination was released. These ones feel like a designer took the classic Pele makeup and tweaked it a bit with a deeper ‘amazon’ green and a nice golden yellow. To set them off perfectly they came with two sets of the nicest cotton laces, tonal thins, and fat gold laces to go with the Formstripe.

When it comes to wearing Suedes, I’d rate Suedes from this period as the highest. On all accounts they simply look the best on foot. With their pointy toe box, longer padded tongues, and sleek mid soles they’re just perfection.

written by measel

photography by errol

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