adidas Superstar Vintage “Caviar”

  • MADE ON: --/07
  • ART.NO: 046519

One of the lesser known Consortium shoes, the adidas Superstar Vintage “Caviar” was released as part of the Status Pack in 2007 along with a pair of Micropacers and Americana Mids. The influence of this collection comes from symbols of status or luxury such as credit cards, upscale items like Vertu mobile phones, and of course caviar.

The status someone holds in a community has always been of somewhat importance from cavemen to the Middle Ages, and is nothing obscure to the street culture. But this pack focuses on the perception that commoners have on high society, like what you might see a rich man indulging in on the big screen.

This particular shoe, a Superstar Vintage, almost takes on the persona of a dress shoe because of its all black appearance. The majority of the upper is lavished in an embossed caviar texture with a semi-gloss finish to balance between the medium of fish eggs and a simple pair of sneakers. The stripes, tongue, and heel tab have a very smooth look in contrast to the embossing and have ocean blue stitching like the seas where caviar originates. On the tongue is a Wild Sturgeon, which are native to the black seas and produce the luxurious roe. Above it says ‘Superstar’ in a very conservative font. The shoe also has inconspicuous gold accents like on the prestigious Consortium eyelet and insole, as well as on the outer side where the name is once again stated. If this was a partnership like the word ‘Consortium’ means, I would say it’s between adidas and the minds of the upper echelon, which can arguably be thought of as the same people.

written by Kyle Zemborain

photography by errol