adidas Gazelle Vintage “Lavender”

  • MADE ON: --/07
  • ART.NO: 660622

As what some might consider an off-shoot of the Consortium series, adidas Originals conceived the Flavours Of The World (FOTW) series to showcase remakes of classic silhouettes, built from high quality materials, and given unique designs inspired by worldly tastes, events, and ideas. This well-known, late-60s silhouette returned in luxury form for the ‘lavender’ flavor installment of this series’ 2007 batch.

Dropped in July alongside a Superskate Mid, and inspired by the violet color that literally blankets parts of Southern France in the summer, these Gazelle Vin’s feature colors that match the Consortium shoebox quite well. Dark brown leather upper, gold highlights, and, of course, bits of lavender for that delicate, elegant, cozy touch.

While still maintaining the true Gazelle Vintage form – as any good retro should – they come packed with a variety of subtle, detailed touches that leave them with a strong, unique personality. A fabric label for the dual color laces, printed with the world ‘lavendula’. An embossed series name across the third, outer side stripe. Some golden print reciting the shoe’s synopsis in Latin, accompanied by a small lavender silhouette, across the side wall and heel. And, the crown jewel of the pair, their tongues, made of a lacquer material, printed with a lavender planted, and completed with classy, black, wrap-over tags.

Similar to many shoes from the Flavours Of The World series, these lavender Gazelle’s have certainly become a collector’s item since their ’07 release, still sought after by those that missed the initial drop, which, much like the Consortium series, only hit select retailers. Now, we wouldn’t be so presumptuous to say these are incredibly hard to come by, albeit pairs in reasonable sizes are more frequently available at not-so-reasonable prices. So, scooping a deadstock pair in the OG box at the suggested retail price (easily in the three digit mark) would definitely be a decent treat to feast upon.

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol

shoes contributed by Nu