PUMA Invader Hi

  • MADE ON: 11/90
  • ART.NO: 2391

There’s definitely something about vintage ’80s or ’90s basketball shoes, cast with a black upper, and then splashed with hyper hues that gets our inner gullet going. But let’s not take the biased route on these totally kick ass PUMA Invader Hi’s, and instead approach them with a fair, distanced perspective.

Despite a partially thin upper, the sole unit on the Invader is incredibly thick and durable. One might complain a bit about mobility, but in general the strength of the shoe is outstanding. As with many PUMA models the toe box is a bit narrowed and pointed, so a larger size might be required for those with wider feet. Performance-wise the padding underneath the ball of the foot is quite ample, and puffs out the sole to give a natural rock from heel to toe. Some nice tumbled leather sits beneath the formstripe and the fourth to last eyelets are reinforced with plastic braces. Two layers of synthetic lining cover their insides to provide a pretty thin, yet still relatively comfortable fit.

Other than the reversed palette colorway there isn’t a whole lot that actually makes this shoe different or unique when compared to similar vintage models, such as the so-called Sportiva Linea series or the (much weaker) PUMA Avenue. However simplicity is the key of their design and overall the shoe is definitely a winner when it comes to something sporty for a casual night out. With these Taiwanese made 1990 basketball trainers you can’t go wrong.

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol

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