PUMA Shadow Society 2 Launch Party Recap

If you don’t already know them, then welcome to the party, because the PUMA Shadow Society members are a secret to all of us. Collected together, these PUMA purists, veritable trainer connoisseurs, are defined as ‘authorities in the sneaker game’ and based on this equally earned and given status they’ve been bestowed the power to redefine what a creative collaboration can mean.

Equipping the Illuminati pyramid eye as their logo to further express the hidden nature of their identities, the Shadow Society first entered the trainer scene in 2011 with a series of new shades for the PUMA States silhouette. Not only were the designs classy and well thought out, they were packaged with attractive trainer bags that pushed the envelope for the elegance of this newly born branding collaboration.

Flash forward to 2012, the second week of November ended early and with a blast as the PUMA Shadow Society celebrated another forth-coming drop. Their second round at it, following last year’s States reincarnations, the so-called tight knit, diverse group of worldly characters came together to put out some new faces on the ZDC82 and R698 silhouettes. Both shoes come out in two new colorways, complete with matching trainer bags, as has been set as the precedent the first time the Shadow Society pushed out a release series.

As well, this time they’ve been given the honor of accompanying their kicks with some clothing – a T-shirt, long sleeve shirt, and a carbon coated jacket – and even a high quality backpack to boot, built with both vintage and hiking aesthetics in mind. If you’re liking what you see from this elusive Shadow Society pack then stay tuned, as the official drop date is marked as November 24th.

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol