• MADE ON: --/89

Presented here is the third colorway of the 1989 released PUMA Oslo, tamer than the quite similar blue on white pair we’ve previously featured. It’s safe to say these were put out at the same time, as they share an article number (1166), the second part of which is what leads us to believe there were at least three original colorways (if not more). For those that don’t know, it’s quite typical that PUMA’s article numbers will be followed up by a slash and a digit, to signify the variation of the release.

Back to the Oslo at hand, its main distinctions are the seriously stiff sole unit complete with extra chunky tread grooves and funky notch pattern across the outer edges (which is actually not all that appealing), incredibly sturdy heel cup (considering their age) that extends forward around the foot to the first stitch line down the side wall, the quite thick and strong leather upper, and of course the coarse suede toe layer for added protection.

Admittedly this is not a shoe I find to be so ravishing, though the strength and durability is definitely of high quality. Although it’s hard to discover the exact year and production location of most vintage PUMA shoes (at least without the aid of an old brand catalog) these were a piece of cake: a series of digits written along the inner lining give away the article number and year of creation, and the silver tongue label marks the birthplace as West Germany.

Wrapped up in some soft, white, shimmery laces, the PUMA Oslo is quite a unique point in PUMA’s past and so we weren’t surprised when we heard the rumors that they’ve chosen to finally resurface in four new colorways. Stay tuned for more information on their release dates (if the rumors are true) and in the meantime get out your grail glasses for a good hunt to find yourself a pair of these past-time puppies.

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol