PUMA Intersport

  • ART.NO: 184

On an initial glance one may assume that this is another pair of Cruijff Royal’s, such as the pair previously featured here on eatmoreshoes. But looking closely you’ll see some differences.

These are PUMA Intersport’s, and a fine example of them too. If little is known about Cruijff Royal’s, than even less is probably known about these. As they bear such a resemblance it’s likely that these were their predecessors from which the Dutch football star signature shoe was based, similar to how the PUMA Suede was adapted for Walter “Clyde” Frazier.

Johan Cruyff was the star player of the Netherlands team during the ’70s. At the 1974 World Cup Final with West Germany both teams were kitted out in adidas shirts and boots, apart from Johan. He had an exclusive deal with PUMA and was wearing their PUMA King boots. These Intersport’s must therefore predate this event, making them out to be from the late ’60s to early ’70s. This would tie into their West German production and details as well.

The deep orange and royal blue colourway has always been a tried and tested mock-up amongst other PUMA models (and even other brands). Here it works just as well and is set off against the gum sole. They feature no PUMA branding apart from the tongue and have no rear window at all – an uncommon move from PUMA. They only bear the “Intersport” stamps, which are in slightly different positions on each foot. Such final details were finished by hand, adding to their craftsmanship. One final difference that should be immediately recognizable is the diagonally placed side strip that runs underneath the formstripe, quite a strange structural decision actually that we don’t see often on PUMA’s products.

These and Cruijff Royals are excellent examples of PUMA’s extensive back catalogue which is rarely seen and is well overdue the opportunity to be retro’d for today’s current market and consumers.

written by Professor B

photography by errol