PUMA Suede

  • ART.NO: 90681P
  • FACTORY: A7851

Real leather, the insole states… a loud and daring colorway, the body screams… an age-old, timeless, unforgivingly mysterious classic, this Taiwanese Suede whispers to us through its soft, simple upper.

As measel tells us in his coverage of the lighter pink and grey also made in Taiwan pair, these Suedes represent not only rarity in the sense of their production time and release numbers, but also in their design and construction. The colorway, for one, if not intended for women, was surely a shock for the sole market back then. And the placement of the chosen colors and their contrasting choices – such as the tongue tag details and the heel spot – began to shake up the previously stable features of the silhouette. However the most abrupt shift was in the build and shape itself, which was given an upgrade (or possibly downgrade to some, depending on tastes preferences and personal foot anatomy) from the previously Yugoslavian, West German, or otherwise made Suedes.

Featuring an almost reverse colorway from the other, above-mentioned pair, these Taiwanese-made Suedes carry with them a sense of history, shown vibrant in their yellowing outsoles and thin, soft, simple uppers. The spirit of the older sneaker is one that is increasingly hard (if not impossible) to recreate, and this is something that the truest of foot soldiers sense immediately through sight and scent when opening or discovering a new (old) pair.

The shape of these vintage Suedes is so classic that even PUMA refers to them as that, with retros (such as the Class Eco or Gum Sole Pack Suede) that not only attempt to deliver such a similar last but even drive their point home with the same perforation details punctured across the side walls. These do appear to be more petite and contained then modern day Suedes, but this could also be partially perceived due to the smaller size we’ve photographed here (a size seven, shown by the lettering on the ageing sockliner).

Comparing the older to the newer though, there’s just something unshakable about that shape which breathes deep wrinkles of wisdom into the wearers persona. Shoes like this truly do give someone a sense of spirit and it’s no wonder why we all dig so deep to discover a pair, even if it happens to not be in our correct size.

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol

shoes contributed by Ollie Teeba

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    I love this shade of pink!!