Jun Inoue x PUMA Project LoveJoy

  • DESIGNED BY: Jun Inoue
  • MADE ON: --/12

In 2012 PUMA went forward with a shirt series entitled ‘Project LoveJoy’ in which they incorporated their iconography with the illustrative works from three Far East artists. The first in the series was Jun Inoue, known for his outdoor painting and indoor art shows. Luckily enough we had a chance to chat with Jun (and a translator present) to get the full story on his shirt design.

Hey Jun, thanks for coming through. Tell us, what’s your background and artist story?

My background is street culture and Japanese culture. I’ve been very interested in skateboard and graffiti ever since I was a junior high school student. I changed though and try my art style from a more fine art direction as well.

You seem to have two distinct styles we’ve seen: the strokes and the shapes… can you tell us about these?

Actually, I like to think my two styles are simply: art that is just beautiful or art that is not.

Quite poetic and rudimentary! Other than that, how would you describe your own art style?

My style is simple. Good is good. That is all.

Straight to the point, we dig that. How would you describe your own fashion style?

I like what is functional and foolish for a while.

Alright, so you aren’t taking yourself too seriously then. And what are some of your major inspirations in life?

People, friends, nature, and other beautiful things.

How do you feel about the PUMA brand – besides your work with them?

Well, I like that PUMA is not the top brand, yet that they continue to try and be the top brand.

And how did you get the job with PUMA?

I think that I got job simply because I like PUMA!

What about your shirt design?

I like PUMA’s Disc shoes very much, so I painted this model. The t-shirt concept was supposed to be shoes that represent Japan, and I felt that the PUMA Disc series is certainly one of these shoes.

Any future plans for Jun Inoue – art-wise or otherwise – that you can share with us?

Last April (2012) I was doing live-drawing in Korea and in the middle of May (2013) I will go travel the world with my wife.

Thanks so much for your time Jun, we’re glad to see you putting your work out in the world. Before we go, anything you’d like to say to fans of your work or PUMA heads out there?

Yes, only: Hi, my name is Jun Inoue. I’m trying to make ‘new Japanese beauty’. Please check my website “www.juninoue.jp” and please enjoy your life!

written by Dylan Cromwell