Jeremy Scott x adidas Artillery Hi

  • DESIGNED BY: Jeremy Scott
  • MADE ON: 11/08
  • ART.NO: G01516
  • FACTORY: APE 779001

You wouldn’t know it by looking at them, but these are actually one of the earliest adidas productions from the outrageous designer, Jeremy Scott, proven only by his name tucked away on the sockliner.

Jeremy Scott is admittedly not one of our favorite designers, especially with the ruckus surrounding the Santa Cruz story as of late (circa 2013), however what he did with the Artillery Hi silhouette is pretty lovely.

The comfort and fit of this pair is just ridiculous. Super padded, thick and chunky, they even smelled like a pair of little alien foot couches right out of the ObyO (Originals by Originals) box. Part of the same production line in 2008, Jeremy also prepared a more puke-colored pair that got a lot of hype but probably less actually longevity when it comes to actually wearing them, and you’ll see why when we drop an article featuring those as well.

Colorways aside, their technology is the same as the typical Torsion-enhanced Artillery Hi: soft cell, heel pivot point, and Torsion center outsoles. The foamy soft cell midsole sits above the rubber outsole providing a comfort and padding that goes unmatched.

Design-wise they feature a nice snakeskin mixed with leather. Wonderful three stripes made of some smooth plastic patterning, and the upper eyelets are fantastically done up with a final clip for stray lace tips. The over-the-laces lock strap is not one we’re huge fans of, but we can live with it on this pair, especially when one considers Jeremy’s typical trainer attachments.

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol