adidas Ecstasy Hi

  • MADE ON: 05/04
  • ART.NO: 547603
  • FACTORY: APE 779001

Having never had the support of sole technologies such as the Torsion bar, equipped with no advanced heel support such as the plastic heel-counter, nor not even donated an ankle strap or attractive Dillinger web, the adidas Ecstasy survived on its merit alone. At least, in the old days, before it was pummelled with remakes and reissues, some of which were actually interesting (see the Fafi pair for example) though likely a bit too loud for almost anyone’s true persona.

But then again isn’t that exactly what the name entails? In fact, these 2004 retros really speak to that truth, showing off the fluffy lining, fat-tongued, overly-branded, and shining gold silhouette that truly is the Ecstasy in its best nature. And you can’t miss with those unbelievably gaudy laces!

Comfort is surely supported here, and as for durability, when it comes to my sport – street-dancing – these are some seriously sturdy sneakers, considering that the pair pictured here is quite used and still running strong even a decade later. Are there design flaws? Sure, as with many great sneakers there are a variety of areas that could be improved, mostly just the outrageous colorway and overtly large upper layers that blast into the focus of onlookers without concern for discretion. But in general these are neck breakers and definitely worth a bargain cop, if you should ever have the chance.

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol