PUMA Delphin

  • ART.NO: 681

The Taiwanese-made PUMA Delphin is definitely a comfy model hands down, though it lacks the sole bubbles found in its also vintage (Olympic?) sibling pair.

One of the coolest parts of the shoe’s anatomy is that the sole is very sturdy but actually really light weight. And they’re incredibly nice to walk in even without that bubble-filled contact sole of the five-looped, yellow-striped, vintage pair we launched a bit back.

Compared to those, these actually have a better heel brace, with the double layered leather stretching farther up towards the middle of the shoe, unlike the other, more skinny model. Also the toe layering stretches back too, so they’re basically a much sturdier version all around and we would love to see these retro’d with the bubble contact sole.

On a more detail-oriented level we’ve noticed that there’s no stitching lines to be found cutting through the Formstripe which we just fully love, but basically we can’t claim to know how this affects the structure, if at all. Plus the eyestay layer and the toe patch aren’t even the same piece here which is more of an aesthetic thing than anything else. And lastly there’s a cat on the heel hit this time too; nice one PUMA!

Other than that it’s the same blue base but won over with a white Formstripe and white model name text upon the side, no gold anywhere accept as the background to the size sticker on the white and green vintage sockliner.

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol