adidas Association Hi

  • MADE ON: --/92
  • ART.NO: 073577

The Association Hi is a vintage release from adidas, manufactured for use on the basketball court, and due to their age quite hard to come by these days.

The shoe’s white leather body is accented by splashes of turquoise and purple. Perforated patches are bordered by turquoise trim on the shoe lower, as is the heel and upper tongue trim. Encased purple side stripes are shadowed by a lower turquoise edge. The trefoil logos on both tongue and heel are turquoise flecked with purple.

The main heel upper is purple synthetic material and broken up by a supportive, white leather strip. The same purple textile continues at the shoe’s bridge, the area between the lower tongue and the toe box.

They come with matching white laces, which contrast the turquoise eyelets, uniquely designed between the two, more traditional eyelets near the shoe’s tongue and bridge.

The inner consists of turquoise textile. The outer soles are a rubber mixture of turquoise and purple, textured and treated for maximum traction on the court, and bear the adidas logo as a mark of expert design.

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol

  • dycclo

    how much is the price?

  • H4SN41N

    Hey. How much for a size 8 or 8.5?