PUMA Te-Ku (Made in Yugoslavia)


Another vintage pair of PUMA Te-Ku’s rises from our dusty archive and we take a closer look to find the similarities and differences between it and others that have crossed our path.

The most obvious contrast that comes to mind is the other Yugoslavian pair we posted which is actually a Te-Ku 80. Immediately one can notice that the sole unit is pretty different and the suede toe guard isn’t represented.

But a more trained eye is required when comparing this pair to the these West German Te-Ku’s we showed off in the past. For those two almost everything is identical except for the FOT (PUMA’s own proprietary name for the heel hit that frequently features their leaping cat icon) which is done up in suede, and the puma silhouette there as well as the model name lettering across the lateral side wall both shine bright in gold foil.

Why post the same shoe if the only changes are so minute that can easily be overlooked? It’s the history that we’re interested in and discovering many models and their various variations is how we ‘fill in the gaps’ of time to get an overall picture of the brand’s life. That and we’re simply addicted to this just like any of the other sad, sneaker souls out in there in game these days. Either way, enjoy the vintage pair pictured here and don’t forget they’re rather rare so if you like what you see then you’d better keep your eyes peeled for a pickup in your size.

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol