adidas Jazz

  • MADE ON: --/87
  • ART.NO: 033362

Another vintage collector’s dream, this adidas Jazz running shoe was released in 1987. The shoe has an extremely soft and comfortable fit – feeling much more like a slipper than a sneaker – and like most adidas vintage silhouettes this pair has an explicit, instantly recognizable shape. The line from the top of the tongue to the tip of toe is clean and seamless, iconic of old school style and design, which mainly consisted of smooth flowing lines, and simple shapes.

The shoe upper is a mix of light gray and adidas’ trademark royal blue. The gray and blue parts are comprised of suede, treated for differing finishes. Large color blocks are broken up by bright sea-green side stripes that match the upper heel patch and the trefoil logo on the tongue. The outsole is mostly white, sandwiching a thin green layer, lined with a layer of dark gray rubber. For function as well as form, this design forms a cleat-like pattern for maximum traction and control.

The shoes come in a classic vintage adidas Originals box, complete with a pair of subtle, silver laces.

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol

shoes contributed by Oliver Moutoux