adidas Rekord LEA

  • MADE ON: 10/03
  • ART.NO: 538202

The adidas Record is a classic, vintage silhouette and the newer version funks up the name with a letter swap, giving it a more modern feel. Taking inspiration from some of adidas’ more streamlined shoes, the Rekord is a slightly slimmer fit, to increase maneuverability. The shoe is mainly comprised of durable leather, including the three stripes and inner-lining.

Unlike original Record’s, the Rekord LEA does not have the heel tab or recognizable bubble-sole. Instead, it features a serrated synthetic sole, for maximum grip. The shoe’s design is relatively thin for increased sensitivity.

The Rekord is a classic line. Looking great in solid white and royal blue, the shoe, complete with matching blue laces, has a subtle kind of prominence.

written by Jack Everett

photography by errol