adidas Superskate Vulcan “Otani”

  • DESIGNED BY: Otani
  • MADE ON: 05/07
  • ART.NO: 043922

Japanese graphic artist Otani teamed up with adidas to remake the Superskate Vulcan. Apart from bearing a familiar 1970s silhouette, adidas have made this pair super-tough, with the vulcanized outsole and sturdy ankle collar, to offer proper support and extended durability. Additional protection is afforded by the leather panel over the toe casing, making for minimal wear and tear when flicking your feet against the board.

The black leather upper has an all over print in dark gray depicting swirling shapes, roses and skulls. The design is quite stimulating, without being overpowering; a subtle and simple way to color the shoe. The stitching is light gray and pops quietly through the all over print.

The innersole is thick, strong grey leather, combined with a white outsole made from vulcanized rubber, which makes for increased board-feel and comfort. The forefoot has a textured lip for better traction. The sole is black, connecting each element of the shoe effectively. The shoes come with a pair of soft white laces.

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by Harold Kohn

  • Dean Morris

    Out of all my Superskates, these are my faves. So padded and comfy, I rock these with the original white laces they came with (only laced WAY looser than these ones ;o))
    What makes them even sweeter for me is that my GF bought them for me. WINNING!