adidas Materials Of The World China Track Top

  • MADE ON: 06/06
  • ART.NO: 050188

Combining elegance and class with sports wear isn’t easy, yet adidas manages to do just this with their Materials of the World series. Inspired by Chinese culture, the China TT is given a healthy dose of finesse and style that is hard to ignore.

The silky black exterior is patterned with subtle dragon figures and other Chinese design elements, lightly embroidered into the polyester and rayon shell. The typical mark of a adidas track top – a small trefoil logo on the left breast – is present, and echoed intensely by the large, thick black trefoil embroidered on the back of the jacket.

The inner lining is a deep red shiny polyester. The jacket has a zippered pocket on each side, and a third inside on the left breast. Stitched to the inner pocket is a red and white Materials of the World patch which reads:

“Materials of the World China. Since the time of the ancient Chinese dynasty, a time when the Emperors demanded exclusive use of its symbolism, the dragon has been celebrated as a divine mythical creature that brings with it associations of power and prosperity, goodness and heroism, divinity and nobility. As an emblem of energy, optimism and ambition, the dragon symbol still gives much comfort and inspiration to Chinese people around the world.”

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by Harold Kohn

  • Hossein

    can i buy this jacket ??

  • Hesam

    Where can i buy this jacket ?

  • Dudsier

    ebay have them some times, quite expensive

  • ice

    I have this jacket and want to know how much this is going for? trying to sell thank you

  • eatmoreshoes

    Hey Hossein, thanks for asking, but unfortunately at this time eatmoreshoes does not officially sell any clothing or sneakers. We can however possibly put you in touch with the collector who owns this piece if you’d like to make them an offer. Feel free to email us at

  • eatmoreshoes

    As Dudsier has said you’ll have to search for it second-hand, either online or in-person at used clothing stores. We’ve let Hossein know that we do not officially sell anything but you are more than welcome to send us your size requirements and price offer and we can certainly pass this onto the collector who owns the piece.

    Hope this helps!

  • Mr ZakaL

    Damn i’ll buy it from you. How can I contact you?