adidas Originals Taiwan Women Part 2 Video

Shortly after the release of their Taiwan Women Part 1 video, adidas Originals dropped another video showcasing their 2011 Fall and Winter women’s collection. The overall concept of the piece is to represent and celebrate creative women, especially from Taiwan.

The video shows Sophie Liu (Taipei, Taiwan) working on and wearing her creations for adidas. Also appearing in the video is Huang Pei-Hang (Taipei, Taiwan) a fine artist whose primary medium is painting, seen modeling adidas’ collection and presenting her works of art. For non-English speakers, the video caption on adidas Originals’ YouTube channel reads:

沛涵 /Sophie
繪畫 VS時尚
當柔美特質撞擊創作時的剛毅堅持 成就魅力十足的原創女性

written by Dylan Cromwell