Snoop Dogg in Oslo, Norway

American hip hop legend Snoop Dogg released his 11th album this year (2011) entitled “Doggumentary” and he promoted the release with his international “Get Wet Tour”. On October 14th he played at the Oslo Spektrum, an indoor multi-purpose arena in Oslo City, Norway. Besides the concert, Snoop also held an autograph signing and meet-and-greet event at the adidas store in Oslo.

In this video posted by adidas Originals on their YouTube channel Snoop talks about his feelings of adidas and their connection to the hip hop world:

I’ve been down with adidas for a long time. They’re really bred in the streets and are about hip hop. They’ve been with hip hop since day one so for me to get behind adidas and to do a deal with them is easy. It’s a natural matrimony. Holy macaroni, holy matrimony.

written by Dylan Cromwell