adidas “Made For Tokyo” Track Jacket

  • MADE ON: --/11
  • ART.NO: X50348

adidas Originals match the quality and unique design of their “Made For Tokyo” Superstar 80s perfectly with this supremely constructed, lightweight winter jacket.

In 2011 and 2012 it was all about celebration over at adidas. The Berlin, Tokyo, and then New York Originals stores all had their tenth birthdays, and to celebrate each one presented their own ‘Made For’ pack. If you haven’t already seen the ‘Made For Tokyo’ Superstar 80s then you’d better have a look so you can mourn over the sweetness you missed out on.

As for this superb jacket, if you missed that too you’re in for a hard hunt to turn one up. But it’s worth the wait and bait, because the overall concept, used materials, and intricate details make it stand out like no other.

Dark grey polyester and nylon mix outer shell with same color stripes down both sleeves. Perforated pocket zippers with white leather tabs embossed with the pack’s slogan. Green, beige, orange, and maroon tribal-like patterns running up and down the zipper track. Embroidered tan and black trefoil logo on left breast that matchs the unique, shoelace-style drawstrings on the hood with their own sewn stays.

Billed hooded with limited run production number marked underneath. Black wrist bands and waist band. Off-white and dark grey faux fur lining inside broken by the same Hispanic patterning presented on the zipper. Matching off-white cream text printed on the inner right side of the zipper track that reads “Made for 10th Anniversary Originals Stores Berlin | Tokyo | New York”.

Long since sold out – in fact only a single size small made it to the outlet in Wüstermark – and not often to pop up online, these fantastically crafted jackets have become quite rare. Produced in the low number of one hundred and fifty worldwide, they fetched a retail price of over 200 EUR in Berlin. Purchased by many, not just collectors, due to their high quality build, warm and comfortable fit, and stylish and unique design. A proper Japanese job, through and through. Happy birthday adidas Originals Tokyo, you couldn’t have given yourself a better gift.

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol