Star Wars x adidas Boba Fett Jacket

  • MADE ON: --/10
  • ART.NO: P01682

Star Wars. Who doesn’t love it? And mixed with adidas. Who can really claim the thought of the three striped Trefoil team orbiting around in space makes their stomach turn?

Now most of may not have realized it, but as collectors we can certainly relate to Boba Fett. Hunting down bad asses across the galaxy in our spaceships. Given though that our bad asses are made of suede or supple leather (and not slime or tentacles), the galaxy is basically the Internet (or thrift store, swap meet, vintage boutique), and our spaceships are more like sweatpants and a computer stool. But still, hunters we are, in furious search of the next juicy bounty, no matter how close it may drive us to (a black hole of) bankruptcy.

Boba Fett was a gangsta’, deserving of a hooded out jacket, tricked up with pockets galore in the utility fashion that only hands-on men would understand, and sliced with an intensely difficult colorway in order to mime his true suit hues from the space series. Burgundy, grey, and mint? All hail the crackpot design team that pulled this off, likely quivering in fear the day the assignment specs hit their desks with such an unreasonably gross palette to fulfill.

Yet they pulled it off. And quite nicely too. I mean this jacket is just riddled with details and the quality ain’t bad either (though I’d assume that a modern day Boba Fett would be rockin’ Dickie’s or Carhartt over adidas this is hardly relevant to the reality of the targeted demographic here).

Riddled in buttoned and zippered pockets and embroidered with logos and a character name tag, the hood is even hidden away in a neck stash pouch. The sleeves are a bit awkward but I found that they rolled up nicely. And the Mandalorians’ symbol stitched to the back is pretty fierce.

On a personal note this jacket is the supreme shit when traveling (and I mean that in a good way) as it supplies the wearer with numerous pockets for their all too important travel documents and entertainment utensils. It’s just too bad the (not really) matching ZX’s flopped so heavily. Maybe even adidas is a Boba Fett in some ways, as such is the life of a bounty hunter; you win some and you lose some, but at least you look damn cool flying through light speed.

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol

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  • Anonymous

    I’d love to see some dude out wearing this jacket!