• DESIGNED BY: Neil Barrett
  • MADE ON: 12/06
  • ART.NO: 344522 03

For many, the PUMA Clyde already represented a certain sense of prestige and luxury, so having the foresight to hand it over to designer Neil Barrett for a full body upscale has to be an (ap)plausible move.

Search for it. The PUMA BS Clyde. And what you’ll find – if you’re looking to buy – is high retail prices and likely even higher resell ones. Now on the off chance you’re just out for scholastic kicks, you’d be hard pressed to dig up much info on any pair other than that of the over-hyped pony hair’s. But luckily we’ve done some hard digging and surfaced yet another piece of the 96 Hours pack from 2007 for you to feast your eyes upon.

Everything from the tempting box to the tasteful dust bag, from the subtle and musty colorways to the high quality materials and Italian-made design, even the elegant silvery script sharing the Clyde’s ‘father figure’ across it’s side wall pronounces this pair to be peculiar and precious. These shoes (and the others from their series) don’t beg for your attention and nor do they need to.

And while the sneaker (can we even call it that still?) speaks for itself, the designer certainly can’t, or at least not in the forum of this article. So off we went with our shovel again, determined to turn up the stones which Barrett hides beneath and assure PUMA purists of his proper fitting into this German cat’s feature. Residing in Milan, Italy, Barrett is an English fashion designer whose main conceptual characteristic is that of minimalist menswear. It’s for this reason alone that the marriage between himself and PUMA’s Clyde is nothing short of perfect. And the upper class thought he’s taken with the trainer simply evolves it beyond the basketball court classic to the higher class climate of court rooms and courtyards.

This is certainly a sneaker worth getting hitched in (or other such activities of equally meaningful depth) as it’s as high quality as it is special, and will certainly command the attention and respect of those who turn their heads to admire it.

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol

shoes contributed by Ollie Teeba

  • Anonymous

    This is a ‘wow’ shoe to me. So special.