adidas Pro Conference Hi

  • MADE ON: 11/12
  • ART.NO: G95976
  • FACTORY: EVM 004001

Once again adidas Originals proves to us that their level of craftsmanship and choice of quality materials prevails… and what’s more it’s on a bring-back b-ball pair!

The announcement of these shoes made me so happy, and seeing them in the flesh was a particularly nice treat as well. Strolling over to Solebox in Berlin shortly after their release, I tried on the white and red pair pictured here (because the “goldenrod” yellows, which so far are my favorite from the primary color pack, weren’t available there unfortunately) and discovered that they were extremely functional. Buying shoes especially for the purpose of street dancing, I look not only for style but also interesting structure, general durability, and above all, incredible toe and ankle support. But being a fan of trainer history and sneaker stories in general, I’ve a special place in my heart (and my closet) for pairs that take me back, too.

Now let me be honest: I’m not one who can claim to know what it was like ‘back in the day’ when the Pro Conference was first released in the late 80s, but I do know that as an alternative to the other, more popular styles of the time (such as the Rivalry or Conductor) the shoe was certainly something ‘different’. And it remains that way today, although I don’t mean to claim it’s identical to its prehistoric persona. In fact, I’ll be delving into the exact differences between the OG vintage Pro Conference and the retro blue and white pair, side by side, in another article coming soon.

What I can say for the time being is that Hikmet (from Solebox) agreed with me almost word for word on my understanding of these shoes: they aren’t for everybody and especially now they’re more catered towards a vintage or retro loving crowd. Even those who don’t know the Pro Conference from past times will still appreciate the throw back feel to the shoe, shown off beautifully in its design (simple edges, classic shape), forthright style (such as the primary color pack as a first debut back on the shelves), and those lush materials (quality, quality, quality).

Here’s where I commend the folks at Originals on their incredible work with the Pro Conference the most: the sturdy leather that makes up the upper becomes decently soft over the toe box, giving a luxury feel. The tongue is as thin as you’d expect from a vintage shoe, fitting flush against the foot and ankle. Not a stitch is out of place either – hands down these are superb. And as one of our close friends online said recently, for all you basketball heads out there, this summer, “these are mandatory!”

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol