adidas Superstar 80s “Run D.M.C.”

  • MADE ON: 07/13
  • ART.NO: M17513
  • FACTORY: APE 779001

No matter how many times you bring up Run D.M.C., it seems the legendary hip hop pioneers will forever demand respect and awe, and this is clearly reflected in adidas’ newest Superstar tribute as well.

Seriously this idea has been done and redone to death. Take the Run D.M.C. branding, take a basically boring white and black Superstar 80s (ok we’re gonna get some flaming over that statement but stay with us for a second here), and throw ‘em together with some hype, probably unfair prices, and push it to the market.

Not this time.

When these arrived at the eatmoreshoes archive we found ourselves drooling over them. The classic off-white textured herringbone sole unit and matching shell toe was there as expected. Both with the vintage or ’80s texture to them, not just shapes or designs, but the actually grain. The tumbled, white leather upper is insanely high quality, quite almost literally delicious to the touch, and possibly one of the best material releases we’ve seen from adidas recently (short of the City Marathon we just featured, though their rivalry is comparable). The tongue, inner lining, and even sockliner are made to match this high level of quality and it’s actually quite impressive. For any of you out there who aren’t low-cut or shell-toe (or even basketball) shoe fans, I think these stand an impressively good chance at converting you, for at least a single guilty day of pleasure.

But here’s what’s really cool about them: those elastic straps inside holding the tongue down in place. True OG style without any funny, floppy problems to deal with. No wonder they come unlaced in the package, as it’s not just an aesthetic thing (circa Run and the crew) but actually a feature of the shoe’s anatomy. Though of course, spare black and off-white laces are supplied, for those that still want a more straight-faced appearance to their kicks. Don’t be misled by this feature, it’s certainly not standard in any Superstar and especially not in today’s versions of the Superstar 80s. Mostly it can be found in the likes of Run D.M.C.’s other trademark silhouettes (all named after Cadillac car models): the Fleetwood, Eldorado, and Brougham. Not to say that only these kicks have that anatomical treat (for example we’ve seen in as far back as being in Torsion Response Low’s from 1995) but it’s still a highly specialized inclusion that fits so perfectly into this pair, to say the least.

And after that there’s really not a whole lot more to say. These rock, adidas, thank you for doing it so damn right, especially when a name like Run D.M.C. is at stake.

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol