Ralf Tiittanen x adidas Bahamas

  • DESIGNED BY: Ralf Tiittanen
  • MADE ON: 09/13
  • ART.NO: D66951
  • FACTORY: SHW 675001

Finland’s top tier vintage adidas fanatic, Ralf Tiittanen, exposes his true colors resurrecting the Bahamas silhouette as a part of the latest Consortium series release pack known as the Collector’s Project.

And for a lot of typical consumers his work may not register much beyond a beautiful burgundy and red colorway thrown onto a classic shape. But it is much more than that. Because Ralf (also known as 10ARI online) not only injected his own class and style into a sweet shoe from adidas’ past, he ran the full length of the field and brought back the Bahamas, a model that hasn’t seen the light of day since its original release ages ago.

So while getting to design your own shoe is one amazing accomplishment, we must admit that we’re much more impressed at Ralf’s second success: getting a major brand to retro an age-old artifact that true collectors and connoisseurs have been aching to see resurface for literally years – scratch that – decades. That case is one hundred percent true when it comes to adidas’ Island Series Bahamas silhouette.

An off-shoot of the UK-culture coveted City Series, the Island Series featured releases named after places that were surrounded by water (as if that wasn’t obvious already). Hawaii or Tahiti would be two that come to mind immediately. And their common denominator has often been how incredibly hard they are to come by, especially deadstock or boxed.

From this angle Ralf services the terrace classics community whether or not he intends to, making a myriad of merry-faced chaps even more merry-faced for the release that happened in late October of 2013. Limited to fifty pairs worldwide, it’s a shoe that you’ll be fighting to get your mitts on if you haven’t scored a pair already.

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol