PUMA Oslo-City

  • ART.NO: 165

Reaching back through PUMA’s past once again, we retrieve a model that we’ve actually shared before, but this time in a slightly modified format.

Another definite part of the PUMA City Series, what set these shoes apart from many others is the textured, two-color, PUMA Contact-branded midsole. Further funky writing appears on the outsole, such as ‘Mod.dep’ and an asterisk hidden near the toe.

Not quite a history lesson there, is it? What we do know about the PUMA Oslo-City is that its birth place, West Germany, bestows it with both quality materials and a majestic build.

The most curious attribute to the model is the five ring logo next to the Oslo-City model name branding on the lateral sides. The mayor of Oslo presented their city flag to the IOC (the International Olympics Committee) during the 1952 Olympic games, so it’s not a huge surprise to see the three dimensional version of the traditional Olympic symbol keeping the leaping PUMA company.

If you compare these side by side with the more often seen, saw-tooth-soled versions (also made in West Germany) – such as these blue striped and grey striped pairs – you’ll notice that the Oslo-City is quite unique. Even the retros tend to lean towards the traditional, non-Olympic versions of the shoe, in both blue striped and green striped versions, for example. Also notice the differences in the toe guard too, quite a more picturesque attraction presented here in the Oslo-City, if you ask me.

Finally, as with many vintage kicks whose production numbers aren’t known, the rarity of these trainers is definitely high and one could argue that their elusive nature and unknown history make them that much more of a prized possession. No box, and no exact date or markings, the only clue we have to go on is their appearance in a 1977 catalog. But when the PUMA Oslo-City was first released – and how many times, if any, they returned to the markeT after that initial debut – is currently unknown.

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol

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