PUMA Unknown Hi


Not every model is recovered from the past and even the ones that are don’t always have a (known) name.

And this pair is a perfect example of that. With a very similar structure and shape to the PUMA Invader Hi or PUMA Raider Hi, this ‘unknown’ high top isn’t something we haven’t seen before, but as for its particular silhouette name, that will remain a mystery for now.

Time-wise our best guess would put this pair’s production in the ’90s, based on PUMA having moved to factories in Taiwan by then. Any earlier and we’d likely be seeing something from Italy, Germany, or elsewhere in Europe.

For its features, the shoe boasts a very clean upper, quite hot on the foot due to the thickness of the leather, the incredibly soft inner lining, and the lack of perforations. As well one can always expect a bit of oven-foot when it comes to all black colorways.

Speaking of hues the purple parts have quite a nice shine to their material, though either due to age or original decision the leathers and synthetics used aren’t the best (nor the worst, either) we’ve seen from PUMA. Overall the pair features great support, yet the tongue’s breaking a bit and some cracking can be seen near the toebox. Other than these two, mostly cosmetic afflictions the rest of shoe is quite durable.

Will we ever stumble across evidence of a model name or exact production date? We can’t say. What we can claim is PUMA’s ability to play ball with the big boys back in the day, releasing hoop shoes that we’ll still vouch for even decades later, even whether or not we can praise them by name.

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol

shoes contributed by Helga von Schusterssommer