PUMA Black Bird


This mysterious vintage PUMA model is commonly known as the Black Bird. We’ve heard guesses to it being a Pele Brasil as well, however the modern releases of the Pele Brasil look a bit different. Similar in shape, cut, and style to some of PUMA’s other vintage silhouettes it’s the colorway that really sets this one apart from the rest.

Similarities in the toe box and tongue can be seen on the Italian made Blue Bird and the midsole is quite like the vintage, lighter-colored Blue Star. As well the Black Bird has a slightly up-turned nose like the PUMA Flipper. But what really sets it aside from all these other trainers is the fact that it’s made of leather, and not suede.

Comfort and flexibility is undeniable, and as is the case with almost all vintage, low-cut PUMA casual models the durability is outstanding when held against competitor trainers from the same era. The outsoles are built for some traction and support forefoot turning, illustrated by the textured edges and waffle cup grip, features that can be seen on the OG and re-released versions of the PUMA Blue Star too.

Bottom line here is how rare this model really is; with a name that has yet to be 100% confirmed, it’s reasonable to assume that this little bit of leather treasure is a grail for main serious PUMA trainer collectors.

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol