adidas ZX 500

  • ART.NO: V24590

Known as the “founding father” of the adidas ZX family, the ZX 500 has stood the test of time, being re-released and lapped up by the masses year after year. Initially dropped in 1984, the 500 was quickly brought back to consumers in ’85 (due to its sheer popularity) introducing with it the new, so-called, adidas ZX ‘Family of the Future’, which also included the 700, 600, and 250.

Flash forward to the twenty first century and it’s no surprise that the ZX 500 is still being dropped to great acclaim. Pictured here we present a “lone” blue, “dark indigo”, and “sun” yellow makeup from the Spring and Summer collection of 2012. Mainly made of a suede and nylon upper with a textile lining, the shoe continues to feature the technology that made it famous back in the mid 80s. Advertised as including the addition of both ‘anti-pronation’ and ‘anti-supination’ midsoles, the ZX 500 still supports the gait of various runners with ample cushioning that evenly distributes the wearer’s body weight.

Marketed back in the day as being “an ideal shoe for the heavier runner in particular” it seems to us that this wasn’t all talk. Not only can the ZX 500 still be spotted on shelves and feet across the globe, but they were even chosen by adidas to be featured in various special series, such as the Turkey model for their ‘Materials of the World’ collection in 2006, and also redesigned by native-Berlin collector Quote and the UK-based photographer, Shaniqwa Jarvis, for the ‘Your Story’ Consortium series in 2012.

One aspect that has changed over the years is the plastic Ghilly eyelet system installed for a faster lacing process. The OG re-release from 1985 featured Ghilly rings, whereas some newer versions (such as these) adopt a less bulky design, in which the ring has been replaced with a flat half disc. Definitely a smart move by adidas Originals, maintaining the feature but improving upon the overall look and feel of the shoe.

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by Thomas Mulsow

shoes contributed by Yuicy Yuice