Here’s a classy pair with a striking colorway and a heavily historic background. White and gum and cream is nothing new but the hue of the sky blue against these is very charming. Quite a gentleman’s shoe and the subtle side stitching in a darker blue is a nice, delicate touch.

Aesthetic design aside, the build is what mainly sets them apart: pointy toe, but wide around the midfoot, these are well comfy for their thin walls. The soles are padded a bit in the middle, so they’re not too flat footed, though the heel and toe don’t feel overly supported. Their tongues are ridiculously comfortable, foamy, and creased for a nice fit, and even a bit wide at the tops for a quick slip on or off. Not much in the way of ankle support which works as a benefit actually, giving the freedom to move a lot. Overall the silhouette definitely demands for these to be a pair worn untied or at least laced loosely.

Considering the casual nature of most trainers, these in particular feel and look a bit like a dress or formal wear shoe with their rock hard soles and proud colorway. As with anyone who see’s you wearing these, the PUMA Roma’s definitely one I’ll remember, and it seems that way for PUMA too, as they’ve not kept the shoe a secret, retro’ing it in a variety of forms. The fall and winter 2012 release showed off a very similar colorway done in all nylon, giving the shoe a lighter, thinner fit.

Knowing the original birthplace or production year of this particular pair won’t come easily, but we do know they were originally dropped in 1968 to celebrate the National Italian Football Team’s European Cup victory (read more about this on our OG made in Italy pair article), so it’s possible this vintage pair is as old as the ’70s.

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol