Mike Stopforth

Thirty-seven years young, Mike previously worked in sportswear retail, shopfitting, and design. He describes himself as so:

A collector and self-confessed trainer nerd, I’ve been collecting for over twenty years now, and amassed over two hundred pairs at my peak, although I have thinned the collection down a bit now due to having pairs that were not my size, swapped for something better, etc. I’ve always collected rarer or different shoes, but since the dawning of the Internet and social media networks the searching became so much easier. I set up a web page to gauge interest out there and soon realised I was not alone in my passion for the subject, and have made some very good friends through this avenue.

I have probably over about one hundred and fifty pairs of adidas, which have always been my favourite brand really. It’s something about that serrated stripe that does it, and colourwise? The brighter the better preferably…

Shoes contributed by Mike Stopforth:

adidas Gazelle 2 adidas Gazelle 2 adidas Mexicana adidas Mexicana adidas Tobacco adidas Tobacco adidas Tobacco (Made in France) adidas Tobacco (Made in France)